Sites to help find missing members

·  MyLife.com is also another great resource for finding classmates. The only information you need is the first name, last name and the state they reside in.

·  Intellius.com – You can use this service to look for people based on their old addresses. They have an option where you can search for unlimited classmates for 24 hours for $20 only. This is not only cheap but it gives you a great idea of where your missing classmates currently live.

·  Zabasearch.com – This website will provide exact addresses for people that you are looking for. No sign in required. Cross reference classmates addresses with the local yellow pages to get a telephone number. See whitepages.com below.

·  Wink.com – Look up classmates through their 400 million profiles and you may be able to find some additional friends from your school.

·  SchoolNews.com – Alumni and classmates directory where you can find old Classmates in over 30,000 U.S. and Canadian schools. They claim to be one of the largest Alumni directories on the Internet.

·  Peoplefinders.com has a trial membership (you have to try out one of their offers) that offers access to their website for a full day. Just get your list ready and start looking up the missing classmates.

·  Pipl.com – This is another great website when it comes to finding missing classmates. You can get tons of information about each profile by simply entering the person’s name. If the name is common, you can filter the results by state, age etc to fine tune them. There is no sign in required.

·  Whitepages.com is a great way to get phone numbers if you know what town they live in.