Middletown High School

Class of 1966

50th Reunion









Meetings are over -the party was great..


Activities, Meeting Notes, and old pictures:  click here 


Chairpersons were:

Kay Brumagen Wilmont

Helen Stevens Gleason



      and Registration

Tom Willis




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Steve Martin once said that brave people attend class reunions while wise people stay at home and let others remember them as eighteen year olds

 We are planning an evening 66ers mixer for Saturday, September 9th, 2017. We haven't quite worked out details but will provide them as soon as plans are complete. We'll meet at West Central Wine and after a delicious cocktail, craft beer or glass of wine will walk to a nearby restaurant downtown. Spouses/guests are welcome.


Our July lunch was well attended, and we want to keep the momentum going, so we plan to get together Saturday, October 14th at noon, at Wildwood.

This veers off course from our plan to meet on alternating months, but why stand on policy, when we're having fun? 


Get together Dates  

July 8, 2017

September 9, 2017

November 11, 2017




Remember to let me know  about change of status for any of our classmates   tom@tomwillis.us





We recently lost MaryLou Back our thoughts go with her.


Thank you for a fantastic Reunion

To Kay Brumagen Wilmont
     There are many people who have worked long and hard getting this reunion put together.  It has been a year long process.  No one worked harder or did more for the reunion than Kay.
      I have been working on this website since the before the last reunion.   Because of that, at some point last year, I realized that no one had stepped forward start the planning. of our 50th Reunion.    So I posted a plea for someone to get the planning started.
       Fortunately, one person stepped forward and and said that she would get the planning started if no one else wanted to. (Famous last words)

Kay Brumagen Wilmont deserves our  gratitude for the work she has done.  She has the organizational skills and work ethic to get things accomplished.  

Meetings were well organized, everyone had the opportunity to share their ideas, and I think we all enjoyed the process.

I have enjoyed working with Kay, Helen, and the entire committee.   We hope everyone had a great time and partyed like it was  1966. 

Tom Willis

Special Thanks

Committee Members: Barb Siegel Kubik, Judy Gibson Young, Nancy Rainey Drake, Vicki Burgess Alfrey, Nancy Lorig Brown, Rosenna Hughley, Sandy McMullen Doud, Pam Combs Bogan, David Lambert, Bruce Franz, Sandie Neff Dietz, Karyn Nickell Braun, Elizabeth Zornes Mintus, Dix Brown, Jim Stiver, John Medley, Bruce Hopper, Mike Sorrell, Mike Plumbo, Helen Stevens-Gleason, Kay Brumagen Wilmont and Tom Willis.

Helen Stevens-Gleason  -  Helen and her husband provided the DJ on Saturday Night.  We appreciate what they have done and will certainly enjoy the music.   Helen was one of the chairpersons of the  reunion committee and one of the original oragnizers. 

John Medley -   Provided the band "Bill's Diner" that will be playing on Friday night.   John is a member of the band.   He has also been a regular at the reunion meetings.

Mark Reed -   Made a DVD of our class.  This includes student pictures, activities, and a tribute to our deceased classmates.    He also is responsible for the smugmug picture site.   There will be a showing of this DVD at the reunion and Mark is providing a free copy of the DVD to everyone at the reunion.  If you have ever made these DVD slideshows you would know how time consuming they are.  He also took pictures at the reunion.

Bruce Franz -  Took the notes of our reunion meetings that were published on this site.  He was master of ceremonies for some of the activities.

Mike Plumbo -  Provided a meeting place for several of our meetings.   He also provided his farm for an after reunion picnic.

Mike Sorrell - Is providing the "Middies" mugs that were given to Alumni at the reunion.

Carol York - Passed away several months ago.   She was one of the original reunion organizers.  She also contacted more of our classmates than any other person.

Jim Stiver - Helped us arrange for the neat tee shirts that will be sold at the reunion.


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Click here to see pictures on smugmug

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(password - classof66